At PB Recruitment Solutions, we draw on our combined professional industry knowledge and experience to identify the right people for our clients and the right role for our candidates.

Our client managers use a proven methodology to execute and deliver a seamless, work-flow driven strategy to secure the right talent, quickly and effectively, so our clients focus on running their own business.

Before engagement, our consultants will work with our clients to understand the recruitment needs, as well as the business culture.  It is important that we understand the culture and story  so we can replicate that across all hires.

When we begin our search process, we keep both clients and candidates informed of our progress to ensure we find the best person for the opportunity:

  • Initial telephone contact and then video call
  • We ensure that we have a detailed brief of our clients requirements and have a thorough understanding of the recruitment needs.
  • When/or Once we have identified potential candidates, we take them though our screening and evaluation process to assess their competence, interest and research and qualify the background of interested candidates. (too many ‘ands)  As we build relationships with our candidates, we can align their needs and priorities with the roles we are working on, ensuring that what’s important to them is important to you.